Description: Dozer End Bit

Brand: Caterpillar

Logo: BP(Beneparts)

Color: Can be customized

Weight: 10.6Kg

Measure: 349.3mmX203mmX16mm 5/8"X6


Part No.:9W9017
Description:HC Dozer end bit
Applied Machine:Caterpillar bulldozer
Material:Heat treated Boron steel (30MnB)
Measurement:349.3mmX203mmX16mm  5/8"X6 
Length A :349.3mm
Width B:203mm
Thicknes C:16mm
Bolt:5/8'' plow bolt
Bolt Qty.:6
Part NumberMeasurement (mm)DescriptionBrandWeight(Kgs)
8E4542HD60722mmX406mmX60mm  1-1/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT126
8E4541HD60722mmX406mmX60mm  1-1/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT126
175-71-11182630mmX315mmX35mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitKomatsu46
175-71-11172630mmX315mmX35mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitKomatsu46
8J6412330mmX165mmX16mm  5/8"X3Dozer End BitCAT6
9W9012381mmX203mmX19mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT10.9
9W9013381mmX203mmX19mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT10.9
9W9016349.3mmX203mmX16mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT10.6
9W9017349.3mmX203mmX16mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT10.6
6J0896402mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT14.6
6J0895402mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT14.6
6J0894402mmX203mmX25mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT14.6
6J0893402mmX203mmX25mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT14.6
4J5012374mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT15
4J5011374mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT15
8J7163377.2mmX203mmX19mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT9.7
8J7162377.2mmX203mmX19mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT9.7
6J0278431mmX203mmX25mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT16.8
6J0277431mmX203mmX25mm  5/8"X6Dozer End BitCAT16.8
6J0276431mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT16.8
6J0275431mmX203mmX25mm  3/4"X6Dozer End BitCAT16.8
6J8922388.9mmX254mmX25mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT16.1
6J8921388.9mmX254mmX25mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT16.1
5J6922419.1mmX254mmX25mm  3/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT17.8
5J6921419.1mmX254mmX25mm  3/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT17.8
1J9494468.4mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT26
1J9493468.4mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT26
5J6930407.9mmX254mmX25mm  3/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT18
5J6929407.9mmX254mmX25mm  3/4"X7Dozer End BitCAT18
8J8116493mmX260mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT29
8J8117493mmX260mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT29
9J1472504mmX254mmX40mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT35.2
9J1473504mmX254mmX40mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT35.2
7J3460504mmX254mmX40mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT38.2
7J3459504mmX254mmX40mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT38.2
2J2572490mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT27
2J2571490mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT27
1U4184487mmX254mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT23.9
1U4183487mmX254mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT23.9
8J8120531mmX254mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT28
8J8105531mmX254mmX30mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT28
5J8768531mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT28
5J8767531mmX254mmX30mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT28
5J9628531mmX254mmX25mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT25
5J9627531mmX254mmX25mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT25
9J1474531mmX254mmX40mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT39.3
9J1475531mmX254mmX40mm  1"X7Dozer End BitCAT39.3
7J3458531mmX254mmX40mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT37.4
7J3457531mmX254mmX40mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT37.4
1U0181409.1mmX254mmX25mm  7/8"X7Dozer End BitCAT18.1



BeneParts guarantees all our spare parts against breakage. If any of these parts break under normal working conditions we will provide a new part free of charge.


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