Description: CAT J350 Tooth--Long

Brand: Hensley

Logo: BP(Beneparts)

Color: Caterpillar Yellow or others

Weight: 7.5kg

Applied Machine: excavator


This general purpose (flat) Bucket Tooth comes with the correct Flex Pin - all that you need to pin it onto your bucket's adapter. 

The industry standard part # for the bucket tooth is X400, the Pin # P400 (compatible with p400hd)  The pin is a rubber and steel flex pin. An older style of pin was an all steel version. The Flex pin tends to hold the tooth a bit tighter in most applications than the older style steel pin.

This Bucket Tooth is found mostly on Excavators. 

Color and Mfg. marks may vary from time to time as production runs have slight differences, but rest assured you are buying Quality products.

Part No.:X400
Description:Tooth Standard
Logo:Beneparts or OEM
Production Method:Casting
Material:Alloy steel
Chemical Component:Please contact with our sales to know details.
Hardness:HB 470-520
Impact:≥15J (25ºC)
Tensile Strength:≥1450Rm-N/mm⊃2;
Yield Strength:≥1100Re-N/mm⊃2;

Part numberDescriptionWeight/kg
862740M1Middle Tooth
HC00002Middle Tooth4.5
937X330Bucket teeth adapter
940X370Bucket teeth adapter
158X290Bucket teeth adapter10
127X290Bucket teeth adapter9.8
552X156Bucket teeth adapter2.9
230X156Bucket teeth adapter1.8
155X156Bucket teeth adapter2
X156Single Frange Adapter2.1
X290WTBucket Tooth4.8
X220WTBucket Tooth3.7
X156WTBucket Tooth1.4
X330TBucket Tooth5.5
X290TBucket Tooth3.8
X220TBucket Tooth2.9
X156TBucket Tooth1.1
X475Bucket Tooth17
X410RCBucket Tooth13.3
X400Bucket Tooth7.5
X370Bucket Tooth7.8
X310Bucket Tooth4.6
X290Bucket Tooth4.1
X220Bucket Tooth3.1
X156Bucket Tooth0.9
X156LBucket Tooth1.1
U43792Tooth adapter1.6
1462201M3Middle Tooth2.5



BeneParts guarantees all our spare parts against breakage. If any of these parts break under normal working conditions we will provide a new part free of charge.


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